11 Signs That Prove He Really Loves You

1. He is beyond happy when he sees you.

No matter if he had a bad day at work or he had fight with his family. He always smiles when he sees you and feels very happy in your presence. You light up his world and you should appreciate this.

2. He listens to you.

Girls are considered to be very boring with their girlish problems and meaningless conversations. Even so, he will always listen to your complaints and imaginary problems. He loves to listen what you have to say and wants to know every tiny detail that is important for you.

3. He respects you the most

He respects every single word that comes out of your mouth. No matter if it’s very important or totally meaningless, he will appreciate your thoughts.

4. He doesn’t mind when you take much space in bed

Even though you are so much smaller than him, you can take the biggest part of the bed. However, he will peacefully watch you sleep without saying a word.

5. He is helpful

He is the one that will always help you no matter what you are doing.

6. Dates matter to him too

You are not the only one in the relationship who knows all the important, big dates for you two. He recalls them once too often and feels happy every time you two talk about them.

7. He always surprises you

He learnt of the little things that make you happy, and gladly uses them to surprise you. It doesn’t have to be an expensive jewelry. This man knows how to surprise you because he is all into you.

8. He is a Support

He supports even the stupidest, girly things you enjoy doing and wants to be your companion. Even if something looks silly, he will support you.

9. He is romantic

And by romantic, we don’t mean only making love. He wants to take you out for a lovely dinner or buy you beautiful flower.

10. He is proud to have you

Even when you achieve something very small he feels so proud of you. He always tells other for the achievements of his girlfriend.

11. He is nothing less, but your Man

You both have each other and that what it matters. Nothing and no one will ever offend you in his presence. He will always be your biggest defense.

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