Men have really tough times when they have to get to the thoughts of women who are deep. Deep women will always look for something that is above the expectations of the men. Then a huge gap is created in the relationship and contributes to slowing things down.

Read about the 9 reasons why men struggle to handle this kind of women.

1) She is looking through your mind

This means that a deep woman will always easily find your weak side and the things you are hiding. And while she does that, she will openly tell you that she knows everything about you.

Even though this leads to not so comfortable situations, have in mind that she is only stating this to show her support for you.

2) A relationship with meaning

This is what she wants. She will always crave a deep relationship. This means that you will have to be open with her and speak about your family, friends, your needs and desires. That is where she finds the fun but feels the realness of the relationship.

3) She requires a constant communication

You will have to be consistent in this relationship. She won’t take a childish behavior to be part of it. If she feels like you aren’t deep enough she will easily leave you.

4) Intimacy is a natural thing to her

The intimate relationship includes being open with your significant other. This woman is going to reduce the fear of diving into the unknown. Things are like this because she already is a built up woman with personal strength.

5) Intimate, deep questions are part of her conversations

This means that she wants to get meaningful answers from you. These are the questions related to your life, and surely aren’t easy to answer. But that’s her way of getting to know you better.

6) You won’t get her attention if you don’t deserve it

She can’t and won’t wait for you until you figure things out. She knows that there always will be someone for her to understand her and to love her. She knows that everyone in the world is replaceable. Even you!

7) She exactly knows when, what and who she wants

If this woman knows that you are the perfect one for her, without any hesitation, she will be the most beautiful thing for you. She is able to find the good in people and the specialness in someone’s eyes. If she feels like you are the special one, she will tell you right away.

8) Her honesty may be painful

The one thing that makes her special within all the other women is that she will always be honest with you. Knowing that the truth might hurt you doesn’t stop her to tell it to you.

9) Intensity

Intensity is what comes out from her deepness. She is never going to act indifferent towards you.

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