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About this blog – This blog readistan.com is dedicated to all those people who have interest in general knowledge. Our website includes some of the most influential articles which will help you to make your life more purposeful and inspired.

About the blogger behind this blog – Hi Guys & Girls , My name is Mian Muhammmad Awais and I am from Lahore but live in WahCantt NewCity . After huge failure & struggle in my life in the journey of earning money , I discovered & researched about various ways of making money online in which I got success after huge struggle & now I earn online even more money than a good doctor , engineers & a officer class govt employee.

My child hood – I was not good in education since from my childhood but my father had a dream & desire that i get a government job of officer. So even in such a worsted financial condition he admitted in to a English medium school which was 2 km away from my Home , due to this reason I was able to read , write and speak little bit of English language which I found very useful in the journey of making money online.

After I completed my graduation, I started hunting for govt jobs but even after 1 year I did not get qualified in any exam , my father suggested me – son its better that you go to big city like Lahore and join any good coaching institution which will guide you to get successful.

I had struggled extremely hard for earning money in this 6 years .I was in such a worsted financially condition that ,I was not even able to meet my requirements for bread & butter . But during last 3 years , I realized the power of internet & got confidence that I can earn much more money than a talented engineer & continued my journey of Entrepreneurship . Thanks to Allah , that i had got huge success in this field .

Now Good days in my life came & now monthly i earns more than 1 lakhs Rupees INR monthly from my all sources online . Stay & work with peace & told my complete story to my dad – He appreciated my work & feels proud of me.

My future plan – In next few month , I am going to start a office in my Town , train the students of Town how to earn money online & also give them jobs with good salary.

My message to you – In one word I will say – Do whatever you love to do . Make your career in that field in which you are interested , I know lot of problems will come in your way but don’t give up . I can guarantee that – you will definitely succeed one day !