What Do You Think? Which Is the Door to Happiness?

Have a look on all the doors below, and decide which one will lead to happiness. Pay attention to the shape, color and the tiny details.

Now, what do you think? Which is the one?

The Blue Door:

If you’ve chosen the blue door to open, means that you are eager to help others, to rescue your friends in times of trouble. You are characterized to have fewer friends, rather than large group of friends. You do not take, you give!

You relationships are built upon trust and honesty, and you are heartbroken when your trust is taken for granted or betrayed.

The power of this door is a huge security in the inner self and a large amount of confidence. Your loyalty is very big and people trust you because you deserve their trust. Your exterior appears to be very tough, and people misuse it, because when you get hurt by others you hide it very well. The truth is, behind that tough mask is a real gentle and sensitive person who suffers in times of betrayal. This sensitive soul seeks for nothing more but happiness.

The Purple Door:

This door represents the importance of the glory and the power in your life. You feel free, and your will is very solid. This way you want to take control over everything in your life. You have a genuine personality and you often avoid using sweet words with others. This intimidates them because it makes them feel less intellectual than you. But you have a sweet and caring heart for the few people in your life. You care and think about them always.

Strength, mystery and seductiveness are your weapons of power. You feel confident living your life because you tend to follow the rules. While things are getting really tough you are laughing hard.

The Red Door:

This door represents your spirit and energy which are amusing and make you popular within the others. You have a competitive spirit and you tend to be crowned for the job you’ve done. And yes, you deserve the crown! Despite your aggressiveness, you are simple being and know when someone needs your help.

Others, however, find you very positive and fun to be around. That’s why it is not a problem for you to make a new friendship.

You love your family and friends most of all. As a lover, you are known to have the sexiest side. Red symbolizes the feelings and the energies that evolve around. Being the big soul in the group sometimes makes you tired, so you need to calm down.

The Owl Door:

The uniqueness and the curiosity are part of your everyday life and they represent your being. Choosing this door show that you are not driven only by a bald color, but you paid attention to the pattern and the design of it. Your energy is lovely, and you are recognized as the one who is independent and full of positive thoughts.

You care for unfamiliar people almost as much as you care about your close friends and family.

Your kindness and liveliness attracts the people from the opposite sex, but they choose not to tell you because they are a little bit afraid of your beauty and assertiveness. Your selflessness will bring you riches and great life.

Even though you don’t mind to sacrifice yourself for the others, this can make your soul tired sometimes.

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