Your Birth Date Can Discover Your Destiny And Your Personality

When is your birthday? You will be surprised how many things are hidden in the answer. Every day of the month has its number and a certain power as well. Although the numerology requires calculations the simple question can discover some things about our destiny.

Birth day of Month

In Ancient Greece it has been discovered that the world where we live is built in patterns, and the philosophical schools had been trying to explain the power of the numbers. We all love numerology, but are you ready to discover more about yourself and your destiny from the day of your birth?
Read this article and you will be amazed how many information are there just from your birthday.

1st day of the month: A leader

You were born to rule and lead. You are independent and creative. People who were born on this day are usually self-employed. When it comes to the relationships you might have problems with your ego.

2nd day of the month: A diplomat

You want everyone to be happy. Sometimes people can’t understand you and you can be easily hurt. The beauty, art and music will always help you and calm you. You are great at co-operations.

3rd day of the month: Enthusiast

You are so creative, that sometimes there are no options for you so you can express. This usually attracts people who recognize this and they think of you as a very special person. You are charismatic and this will always help you, especially if it comes to public relations.

4th day of the month: Trustworthy person

You are always here for the people to tell them that everything is going to be fine. People like to be around you because you are trustworthy and reliable person. You are very sensitive and because of being hard working, you can easily be left with no energy.

5th day of the month: Sociable person

You can communicate with people and everyone is amazed from this ability. You are perfect for traveling and that is the thing that will fulfill you, no matter if it is professional, financial or personal.

6th day of the month: Relationship-oriented person

From a very early age you started looking for your perfect half. You feel complete only when he/she is around you. You are a family type of person. You can understand if something is wrong in one relationship and you are always there to fix it.

7th day of the month: Sharp-minded

The people born on this day have ideas that can change the world. They are big visionaries but sometimes can be easily disappointed from the people around them.

8th day of the month: Boss

You can’t understand the other people and that’s why it is better if you work alone. You have control issues and probably that is connected with your power. That is very unique because not everyone is capable of thinking in that way.

9th day of the month: Genius
Of course that there are always exceptions, but you are born as a genius. You are always trying to learn more and widen your horizons. Sometimes things can end badly, but that is because your life has karmic significance.

10th day of the month: Change the game
You were born so you can handle difficult situations and change the rules. Your aura is changing all the time and you are born to lead.

11th day of the month: Equalizer

Balance is the most important thing in your life. You have that power to make right decisions when it comes to partnerships or quarrels. You always have intuition and you know when things are not right. Thus you often end up being hurt. Spend more time meditating.

12th day of the month: Catalyst

You have so much energy and when you use it in a right way you can change people’s lives. You differ from the others. This energy always has a creative and imaginative outcome. When you are in a bad mood you can be really grumpy.

13th day of the month: Winner

You like to dominate and you always use the capacity to achieve everything that you planned. Sometimes you can be disappointed because of the mixed goals and dreams that you have, but because of the fact that you are hardworking and you always try to focus on your dreams, this is not hard and something that you cannot achieve.

14th day of the month:

The things can change very fast in your life. One day you may reach the top, the other you can be trapped. Your energy level is what makes you different from the others. Travelling gives you a magic sparkle, like you were born to do that.

15th day of the month: Enchanter/Enchantress

You have that unique power which get people amazed and attracted to you. The magnetism that you own can help you in your private and in your professional life. You are an artist and when it comes to love, you are the one that always need attention.

16th day of the month: Outlander

Since you were a child you knew that this world doesn’t suit you. You are here to create new one or to look for something new. You were born for great things.

17th day of the month: Talent

You are talented even gifted which makes you unique. You just have to listen to your heart and you will achieve everything that you ever wanted to. You have talents that will be discovered in the future. Art makes you free, and that’s why your talents are often connected with this area.

18th day of the month: Inspiration

Management and coordination are your key skills. This comes from your empathy. If nurtured, it can help raising awareness and it can also widen your horizons. If you are patient enough you will succeed.

19th day of the month: Achiever

You can achieve everything in your life through the easiest and fastest way and probably that is the one thing people envy you about. The door of opportunities will always be opened for you. You should use your aura to attract good fortune.

20th day of the month: Empathic person

It is very simple; people can’t get away from your intuitive abilities. They are so great that sometimes can get people mad. Although this is very positive, it should be controlled because you will become emotional mess.

21st day of the month: Celebrity

You are always in a crowd and you are always moving in big social circles. Sometimes you can get frustrated of someone’s presence but people are around you because they are attracted of your talents and the way of communicating.

22nd day of the month: Calibrator

You are that type of person that from a big chaos can turn things into successful project. Your intuition combined with the intellectual skills will always give you the perfect results. If you are patient enough and if you learn how to balance, your life will be perfect.

23th day of the month: Communication Expert

Your aura attracts everyone. Being charismatic and being able to communicate with everyone will help you a lot through the difficult situations in your life. You should definitely learn how to use your “gift”.

24th day of the month: Nurturer

You always want to see people happy and free and you are always there to give and share your love. This makes you unique and wanted in everyone’s company. Sometimes it can be hard because people get used of your attention and they always want to lean on you. It can be exhaustive and it can waste your energy. You must learn how to manage those things so you don’t feel tired.

25th day of the month: Guide
You won’t stop until the work is finished. Being that hard-working is not a good thing. You waste your energy in putting effort in something that could have been done very quickly. You must meditate and learn to allocate your time to more important things in your life.

26th day of the month: Force

You know how to persuade, and you always make the right decision. Your power is overwhelming. However, you can’t control other people’s lives. You have to learn how to stop exaggerating. Trust yourself and listen to your friends.

27th of the month: Analyst
You always analyze everything, no matter if it is a person, an opinion, or a certain situation. You are not scared to face the most complex issues and the people adore you. You should rest your mind and take time for yourself. You need more love as it will keep the balance in your life.

28th day of the month: Risk taker

You like challenges, and you always have something to say to the world. But you are a difficult person. If there is a challenge, people should be careful. You like to change the outcome of the project. However, you are not aware of the consequences from the risks that you are taking. Play safe!

29th day of the month: Counselor

You are always here to give advice to your friends, whether it is about supporting them or criticizing them. You are like a therapist and you are always talking on your phone and helping people how to handle the difficult situations. If this continues for a longer period, you will go crazy. Keep your energy and try to put your interests and needs on the first place.

30th day of the month: Charismatic person

There is always something special about you, and that unique characteristic is the thing that attracts people around you. You like to entertain people, make them laugh and you are good at communicating. You will be great as a team leader, because using your intellectual and working in group makes you feel better.

31st day of the month: Organizer

If there is something to be organized you are the first person that people will talk to. You know how to get the job done, and you still manage to keep your energy. People find you very creative, but sometimes it is very hard for them to work with you. You don’t allow other people to get involved in what you are doing. Let them help you.

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